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Sheet materials are commonly used in many areas of industry. These materials are various types of plastic, plywood, MDF, OSB or aluminum. Using traditional methods to mill these materials usually don’t work because of dimension being too big, difficulty securing the sheet or because of price being too high.
These types of parts are made by using portal CNC milling machine with vacuum table. The sheet is placed on the table (table length can reach up to 6 meters) and secured on the table using vacuum suction. Then, by using the defined program, the milling process begins. It is also possible to mill in various cuts, recesses, large holes, as well as do drilling or threading.
This is how various device dashboards, flanges, partition walls, lids, advertising signboards, prefabricated furniture, shelves, decor elements are made.


– Seeing a high demand for non-traditional milling, ELMER was established in 2007 and continues to provide this service today.
– In 2019, a manual aluminum anodizing line was established, which provides white and black aluminum plating services.
– Currently, ELMER provides mechanical machining of sheet materials and aluminum anodizing services.

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